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Changes reported/positions filled Last updated 06/24/2015

(~)  data for earlier year; current data not on file yet
Unsolicited resumes are suspicious. We advise churches to discard those that arrive before a Search Committee is ready to receive them.
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Date Church/Name/Location SS Attn Information as Reported Column1 $ Data Association
9/6/2015 Third Baptist-Owensboro KY 260(180)    Retiring 9-6 WS $389K Carrollton 
6/17/2015 First-York SC 91(128)       To FBC Mobile AL JTS $360K York
6/16/2015 Calvary-Lufkin TX 117 SBT $403K Unity  SBT
6/15/2015 Calvary-Lindsay OK 95(98) BMO $247K Arbuckle
6/11/2015 First-Navarre FL 182(304)                   Close July 20 JT $498K Santa Rosa
6/11/2015 First-Shallowater TX 463(611)  To BGCT JTS $1.02M Lubbock Area   Dual
6/10/2015 Trinity-Livermore CA 329(372)   To Louisiana WS $1.48M Costa Mesa
6/8/2015 Mt.Pleasant - Carrollton GA 425(561)          Joel Southerland IP KS $1.0M Daviess-McLean
6/5/2015 First-Brandon FL 2875(1602) JR $3.28M Tampa Bay
6/5/2015 First Southern- Bryant AR 438(473)~         NO APPS YET! BNG $977K~ Pulaski (2012 data)
6/2/2015 Midway, Dibble-Blanchard OK 77(195) BMO $240K Grady
6/1/2015 Sugar Land Baptist-Texas 725(852)      Tragic death LV 3.5M Union  TB
5/28/2015 First-Lakeside TX (Ft. Worth) 520(675)  McGinlay retired CC $1.5M Tarrant   Dual
5/28/2015 First-Austin TX 200(350) CC $1.5M Austin  TB
5/25/2015 Lakeside-Mannfird OK 171(201)  To State Conv. JTS $254K Cimarron
5/24/2015 First- Monticello AR 272(357)   To Jonesboro WS $854K Bartholomew
5/19/2015 First-Fayetteville NC 97(133) BNG $486K New South River
5/15/2015 First- Friendswood TX 447(576) TD $1.59M Galveston  TB
5/13/2015 First-Munday TX 75(120) SK $230K Double Mountain SBT
5/13/2015 First-Electra TX 75(140) SBT $142K Wichita-A-C     TB
5/13/2015 Cornerstone-Lucas TX 161(400)               Retires May 24 SBT $754K Cross Timbers SBT
5/13/2015 Munford-Alabama 301(340) SBN $465K Coosa River
5/13/2015 Lakeview-Belton TX 150(250) SBT $742K SBCT
5/11/2015 First-Aztec NM 430(176)   To New Mexican as editor BMO $406K San Juan
5/10/2015 Northeast-San Antonio TX 210(218) WS $452K San Antonio   TB
5/9/2015 First-Whiteville NC 225(230)    2011 data BMP $428K Columbus
5/9/2015 College Parkway-Arnold MD 80(100) BMP $315K Arundel
5/9/2015 First-Buffalo MO 76(120) MBC $137K Dallas
5/8/2015 McElwain-Birmingham AL 202(235) BNG $759K Birmingham
5/7/2015 Second-Lamesa TX 120(122)    IIM   NO APPS! TW $188K Lamesa  SBT
5/6/2015 First-Mena AR 174(225) SBN $569K Ouachita
5/6/2015 Metropolitan-Hollywood FL 202(250) FBW $428K Gulf Stream
5/6/2015 First-Trenton MO 117(170) MBC $314K North Grand River
5/5/2015 Bayshore-La Porte TX 169(237) RG $589K San Jacinto   SBT
5/4/2015 Western Oaks-Springfield IL 335(204)  Eric Reed IP  NO APPS! JR $324K Capital City
5/4/2015 First-Littlefield TX 158 (300)      To Corpus Christi LV $608K Llanos Altos  TB
5/4/2015 First-Conyers GA 849 (1236)                 NO APPS YET! JTS $2.63M Stone Mountain
5/3/2015 Broadway-Lexington KY 277(391) WS $861K Central Network
5/2/2015 Bowling Green-Virginia 62 (129) BNG $241K Hermon
4/30/2015 Bi-Fork Assoc.-Vernon TX 41 chs 1 m DM $ ??? Bi-Fork
4/27/2015 First-Bridgeport TX 175(170) WS $570K Harvest
4/27/2015 Memorial-Killeen TX 547(400) CC $1.1M (None) SBT
4/24/2015 Haikey Park-Broken Arrow OK 101(70) BMO $238K Tulsa Metro
4/24/2015 First-Jay OK 165(156)        Retired BMO $258K Northeastern
4/24/2015 Rock Creek-Shawnee OK 203(251) BMO $427K Pottawatomie-Lincoln
4/17/2015 Siloam-Easley SC 168(211) BN $547K Piedmont
4/16/2015 Westside-Ft. Pierce FL 449(740)      Retired JR $1.5M Treasure Coast
4/16/2015 McGregor-Ft. Myers FL 1752(2636) JTS $6.2M Royal Palm
4/15/2015 First-Jackson MS 1852(2000)     Resigned JTS $9.5M Metro 
4/14/2015 First-Greenville TX 120(166) SBT $494K Hunt   SBT
4/13/2015 Victory Life-Lubbock TX 300 (1025)          Randels deceased BS No report Lubbock Area   Dual
4/13/2015 First-Trenton TN 165(160) BN No Rep't Gibson
4/9/2015 Providence-Charlotte NC 1277(685)      R Paynter IP BNG $2.36M Metrolina
4/9/2015 Deep Creek-Oakland MD 43(80) SBN $124K Western
4/8/2015 McDonald Memorial-Orange TX 100(120) WS $313K Golden Triangle   TB
4/8/2015 Siloam-Easley SC 168(211) SBN $547K Piedmont
4/5/2015 First-Plano TX 589(552)  To TX Missions Foundation LV $2.2M Collin  TB
3/31/2015 First- Corrigan TX 74(105) SBT $170K Unity   SBT
3/31/2015 Genesis-Buna TX 90(100) SBT $270K Emmanuel  SBT
3/30/2015 First-Skiatook OK 305(340) BMO $853K Washington-Osage
3/30/2015 Lovelady-Ada OK 100 BMO $199K Banner
3/27/2015 Southside-Andalusia AL 237(254) ABC $602K Covington
Mt. Carmel-Cross Plains TN 292(342)        Sid Woodruf IP BNG $619K Robertson
3/26/2015 First-Anadarko OK 200(230)    NO RESUMES YET! JC $468K Caddo
3/26/2015 First-Marlin TX 150(50) CC $185K Falls  TB
3/26/2015 Spicewood-TX 113(70) TG $152K Burnet-Llano
3/26/2015 Cornerstone-Terrell TX 85(125) Emc $281K Kauf-Van   SBT
3/25/2015 Southside-Palestine TX 330(360)   To Montreal LV $765K Dogwood Trails  TB
3/25/2015 First Baptist-Weatherford TX 271(303)       Retiring LV $722K Parker TB
3/24/2015 Fairview Baptist-Sherman TX 311 GBA $575K Grayson   TB
3/22/2015 First Baptist-Santo TX 80(100) JTS $230K Palo Pinto  SBT
3/19/2015 Calvary-Slidell LA 103(129) WS $274K Northshore
3/19/2015 Haltom Road-Haltom City TX 150(180) WS $389K Tarrant  TB
3/19/2015 Steven's Street-Cookville TN 675(1275) JR $1.9M Stone 
3/10/2015 Chaplin-Kentucky 98(134) SBN $199K Nelson
3/6/2015 Ball Camp-Knoxville TN 210(225) BNG $475K Knox Co. 
3/5/2015 First Southern-Yuma CO 80(99) SBN $210K Great Commission
3/1/2015 FBC-Pleasant Grove AL 551(650) JTS $1.44M Birmingham
3/1/2015 First-Deming NM 174(228) BNM $277K Western
2/28/2015 Metropolitan-Houston TX 955(2874)   Sal Sberna retired JR $7.1M Union    TB  & SBT
2/27/2015 Pleasant Grove-Ozark AL 125(200 ABC $315K Dale
2/27/2015 First - Addison AL 166(146) ABC $225K Winston
2/26/2015 First-Warren TX 110(114)          Retired CC $296K New Bethel   TB
2/26/2015 First-St Petersburg FL 650 www, BNG $1.3M Suncoast
2/26/2015 First-Fitzgerald GA 220(250) BNG $631K Ben Hill-Irvin
2/25/2015 First-Rochelle GA 165(195) SBN $337K Little River
2/25/2015 Flint Hill-Fort Mill SC 90(123) SBN $233K York
2/20/2015 Chapel Hill-Odessa TX 90(140) DC No Data Basin Network   TB
2/19/2015 Hickory Valley-Chattanooga TN 210(355) JR $382K Hamilton Co.
2/19/2015 Crescent Park-Odessa TX 200 DC $403K Basin Network    Dual
2/11/2015 Gregg B Assoc. Longview TX ExD 47ch/7mis WS ?? Gregg
2/10/2015 First-Kingstree SC 95(118) FOP $422K Williamsburg
2/9/2015 West Side-El Dorado AR 325(320) WS $913K Liberty
2/5/2015 First-Martinsburg W. Va 121(232) bng $447k Shenandoah
1/29/2015 New Highland-Mechanicsville VA 184(266)    BNG $538K Dover
1/28/2015 Aimwell-Zwolle LA 81(100) CC $236K North Sabine
1/28/2015 First-Mabank TX 150(305) CC $549K Kauf-Van   TB
1/27/2015 First Baptist-Sun City AZ 133(198) SBT $383K Central
1/27/2015 Liberty-Bridge City TX 55(80) SBT $208K Golden Triangle   Dual
1/26/2015 Southeast-Muskogee OK 350(425) BMO $793K Muskogee
1/25/2015 First-Glen Rose TX 104(180)     Died 1-25-15 GW $700K Paluxy   TB
1/23/2015 Calvary-Cisco TX 76(123) LV $131K Tri-County   TB
1/23/2015 University-Ft. Worth TX 431(254)    IIM:   NO Apps Yet! LV $1.0M Tarrant   TB
1/23/2015 McQueeney Baptist-Texas 180(150) LV 230K Bluebonnet   TB
1/20/2015 First-Port Lavaca TX 160(200)  W Jackson IP  JTS $663K Guadalupe   TB
1/18/2015 First-Mebane NC 201(375) SBN $460K Mt. Zion
1/17/2015 Hopeful-Lake City FL 579(1325) SBN $909K Beulah
1/15/2015 Mountain Vista-Farmington NM 76(85) BNM $161k San Juan
1/15/2015 First-Eunice NM 60(69) BNM $270K Southeastern
1/15/2015 First-Hobbs NM 94(144) BNM $529K Southeastern
1/15/2015 First-Lovington NM 45(97) BNM $292K Southeastern
1/15/2015 Calvary-Las Cruces NM 199(382)  APPLICATIONS CLOSED! BNM $750K Rio Grande
1/12/2015 New Hebron-Waskom TX 96 SL $257K Soda Lake   TB
1/9/2015 Winnwood-Kansas City MO 152(297)            Brad Dixon Interim BNG $358K Clay Platte
1/8/2015 First-Santa Anna TX 100(70) RJ $142K Lake Ivie   TB
1/5/2015 First-Austin TX 211(350) BGN $1.5M Austin   TB
1/3/2015 Dunwoody-Dunwoody GA 511(761)        Allen Jackson IP BGN $2.75M Atlanta Metro
1/2/2015 Tabernacle-Carrollton GA 450(435)          Glenn Dyer IP BGN $1.5M Carrollton

This list is no substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding a church in calling a pastor and spiritual leader.
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