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Changes reported/positions filled Last updated 02/10/2016

(~)  data for earlier year; current data not on file yet
Unsolicited resumes are suspicious. We advise churches to discard those that arrive before a Search Committee is ready to receive them.
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Date Church/Name/Location SS Attn Information as Reported Source $ Data Association
9/17/2018 First-Avon Park FL 269(344)~    Beck to NAMB Minnesota MP $536K~ Orange Blossom
3/27/2016 First-Ft. Lauderdale FL 876 (2012) JTS $6.0M Gulf Stream
2/1/2016 First-Hewitt TX 305(340)       IIM       NO APPS YET RF $936K Waco Region   TB
1/31/2016 Jersey Vil.-Jersey Village TX 551(737) JTS $2.25M~ Union   SBT
1/31/2016 First-Baird TX 84(142) LV $190K Callahan
1/31/2016 First-Tallahassee FL 675(1020)      To Northern Sem as Pres BNG $2.8M Florida
1/29/2016 First-Canton NC 130           Deadline 3-31 PSC $400K Haywood
1/27/2016 First-Hearne TX 200(150 CC $204K Robertson  TB
1/26/2016 First-Ozark MO 520(570)       Open until 2-13-16 BMO $1.15M Tri-County
1/26/2016 Black Mountain-Cave Creek AZ 125(145) SBJ $296K Central 
1/25/2016 First-Konawa OK 145(125) BMO $$157K Banner
1/23/2016 Waller Baptist-Waller TX 129(140) SBJ $499K Creath-Brazos TB
1/20/2016 Indian Springs-Broken Arrow OK 125(114) SBJ $272K Tulsa Metro
1/17/2016 Central-Jacksonville TX 420(495) LV $1.3M Smith  TB
1/15/2016 Glendale-Bowling Green KY 180(100) SBJ $180K Warren
1/14/2016 Briggs Road-Columbus OH 131(148) www.briggsroadbaptist.colm SBJ $360K Metro Columbus
1/11/2016 First-Webb City MO 241(221) SBJ $439K Spring River
1/10/2016 Immanuel-Little Rock AR 1848(1204)          To S.C. as Exec. Director JTS $6.6M Pulaski 
1/6/2016 Foothills C -Marble Hill GA 126(172) SBJ $417 Etowah
1/5/2016 Northside-Sumter SC 227(385) SBJ $551K Santee
1/4/2016 First-Quitman TX 126(150) GC $350K Harmony-Pitts  SBT
1/4/2016 Hueytown-Alabama 135 JW $355K Bessemer
1/3/2016 First-Mansfield TX 574(855) LS $2.0M Tarrant    SBT
1/1/2016 First-Kingston TN 387(434)   Deceased  NO APPS! JR $1.27M  Big Emory
12/31/2015 First-Pendleton SC 126(187)~    2012 data  Interim BNG $461K~ Saluda
12/31/2015 River Road-Richmond VA 250(314) BNG $1.4M River City 
12/9/2015 First-Lexington MO 136(130) SBJ $218K West Central
12/5/2015 Village-Bella Vista AR 114(162) BMO $375K Northwest
12/3/2015 Bellaire-Murfreesboro TN 847(957) SBJ $2.8M Concord 
12/2/2015 First-Augusta GA 732(778)          NO APPS YET! JTS $2.8M Augusta
12/2/2015 First- Jewett TX 65(85) WS $207K Leon   TB
11/25/2015 First-Jasper AL 424(440)  Applications open now EB $1.6M Walker
11/24/2015 Stewartstown-Stewartstown PA 110(146) SBJ $300K Keystone
11/23/2015 Hollywood-Clarksville GA 60(125)   Deadline 1-8-16 EC $233K Habersham
11/19/2015 Harvest-Wautaga TX (Ft.Worth 427(875) SBJ $2.2M Tarrant   Dual
11/12/2015 Yadkin-Patterson NC 160(175) BC $280K Caldwell
11/12/2015 First-Shepherdsville KY 120(174) BC $366K Nelson
11/12/2015 Tabor City-NC 180(175) BC $396K Columbus
11/12/2015 First-Gastonia NC 111(150) BC $452K Greater Gaston
11/12/2015 First-Snow Hill NC 122(127) BC $158K Neuse
11/12/2015 Spring Valley-Springville AL 186(185) BC $444K St. Clair
11/11/2015 Calvary-Bel Air MD 280(328) SBJ $803K Susquehanna
11/11/2015 New Hope-Thomaston GA 107(224) SBJ $214K Centennial
11/11/2015 First-Ellijay GA 296(393) SBJ $1.0M Mountaintown
11/11/2015 Mountain View-Maiden NC 47(205) SBJ $385K South Fork
11/10/2015 Oakview-Madill OK 84(103) BMO $209K Johnson-Marshall
11/6/2015 First-Dunlap TN 91(184) JR $231K Sequatchie Valley
11/5/2015 Bethel-Roswell NM 74(97) BNM $267K Pecos Valley
11/4/2015 Spring Hill- Mobile AL 631(850)           To Texas JTS $3.6M Mobile
11/2/2015 Crossroads-Corpus Christi  TX 95(108) JTS $245K Corpus    SBT
11/1/2015 Dell Dale -Channelview TX 90(109)     Open Apps Nov 1 RG $294K San Jacinto    TB
10/29/2015 First, Gresham-Tyler TX 110(160)~               2013 Data SBA $276K~ Smith     TB
10/29/2015 Noonday-Tyler TX 56(75) SBA $182K Smith     TB
10/29/2015 Highland Park-Mt. Pleasant TX 95(120) VU $188K Harmony-Pitts  Dual
10/29/2015 First-Kellyville OK 67(94) BMOK $176K Cimarron
10/20/2015 Pine Valley-Wilmington NC 133(207) SBJ $437K Wilmington
10/19/2015 First-Red Oak TX 300(500) ? WS $1.1M Ellis   SBT
10/19/2015 Memorial-Columbia MO 215(370)~      2012 data MMBA $823K~ Mid-Missouri
10/15/2015 Rural Shade-Cleveland TX 158(162)           Interim SBJ $490K Tryon Evergreen TB
10/14/2015 Inglewood-Grand Prairie TX 213(235) JR $671K Dallas/Rockwall Dual
10/12/2015 First-Bay St. Louis MS 120(282) WS $610K Gulf Coast
10/10/2015 First-Bedford TX 76(118)~ NO RESUMES YET! fbb $237k~ Tarrant   TB
10/8/2015 Island City-Wilmington IL 104(150) SBJ $218K Three Rivers
10/5/2015 First-Santa Fe NM 84(255) BNM $461K Santa Fe
10/1/2015 North Pointe-Hurst TX 212(270)         Nolan Duck IIM LV $720K~ Tarrant    TB
10/1/2015 First Baptist-N. Wilkesboro NC. 151(197)                   To Statesville BNG $478K Brushy Mountain
10/1/2015 Abingdon- VA 130(175)         NO RESUMES PD $408K Lebanon

This list is no substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding a church in calling a pastor and spiritual leader.
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To be listed churches should have at least 300 enrolled or be large enough to have a secretary.  Smaller churches change quickly and it is impossible to keep an updated list. Accuracy is not guaranteed so investigation is advised

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Why We Do Not Provide Mail Addresses?
We recommend that persons interested in contacting churches do so with some caution.   Most Search Committees do not appreciate “blast” resumes, and prefer a personal letter of recommendation from a fellow pastor. 

 The names of cooperating Baptist associations are listed, and they are the most appropriate init ial contact.  To find their address or telephone number, we use or  There are other search engines which also provide this information.  While we try to verify all information, the local Baptist association is still the best source.

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