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Changes reported/positions filled Last updated 08/12/2014

(~)  data for earlier year; current data not on file yet
Unsolicited resumes are suspicious. We advise churches to discard those that arrive before a Search Committee is ready to receive them.
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Date Church/Name/Location SS Attn Information as Reported Source $ Data Association
8/6/14 Living Faith-Avon IN 75(156) WS $160K Crossroads
8/6/14 First-Murphy NC 120(175)
To New Mexico
WS $224K Truett
8/5/14 First-Haleyville AL 335(381) DD $478K Winston
8/5/14 First-Lavon TX 152(189) Retires Aug. 5: 30 yrs.    
No resumes yet!
CBA $362K Collin    SBT
8/1/14 Colonial Hills-Cedar Hill TX 55(72)
Leroy Fenton IP
DBA $284K Dallas/RockWall  TB
7/28/14 First-Frederick OK 130(300) BMO $457K Tillman
7/25/14 First Baptist-Darlington S.C. 157(197) ABP $455K WelshNeck
7/25/14 Preston Oaks-Roanoke VA 124(90) ABP $231K Roanoke Valley
7/24/14 Lakeshore Drive-Hudson Oaks TX 212(265) LV $915K Parker   TB
7/24/14 Rosen Heights-Fort Worth TX 121(140) LV $190K Tarrant    TB
7/18/14 First-Rowlett TX 250(400)
JTS $697K Dallas/RockWall  TB
7/17/14 First-Cookeville TN 500(688) AB $1.16M Stone 
7/17/14 First-Mt. Sterling KY 136(226) AB $615K Elkhorn
7/16/14 Good Hope-Cary NC 200(326)
AB $477K Raleigh
7/16/14 First-Artesia NM 244(344) BMO $2.4M Pecos Valley
7/14/14 First-Zavalla TX 127(198) JTS $391K Unity   SBT
7/12/14 Harvey-Stephenville TX 176(246)
To N. TX Assoc
RG $335K Erath/NTx   SBT
Springhill-Howe OK 120(250) BMO $302K LeFlore
7/11/14 Deermeadows-Jacksonville FL 563(855)
ABP $2.28M Jacksonville
7/10/14 First-Point TX 65(70) DS $125K Hunt   SBT
7/9/14 First-Wewoka OK 75(125)~ BMO $266K~ S. Canadian
7/8/14 Luella First-Sherman TX 58(80) BS $461K Grayson  SBT
7/8/14 Bucahanan West-Buchanan Dam TX 75
TG $148K Burnet-Llano   SBT
7/8/14 First- Lufkin TX 486(500)
JTS $1.7M Unity    TB
7/7/14 Second-Jacksonville AR 265(321) CB  $669K N. Pulaski
7/6/14 Dauphin Way-Mobile AL 698(847)~
To Sunnyvale, TX
JTS $2.89M Mobile
7/6/14 Walnut Grove-Mechinicsville VA 261(277)
Chet Smith IP
ABP $538K Dover
7/6/14 First-Muskogee OK 848(855)
To Mesa AZ
ABP $1.85M Muskogee
6/30/14 Eliam-Melrose FL 85(100) GH $257K Santa Fe River
6/30/14 First-Hollis OK 113 BMO $412K Southwest
6/30/14 First- Caddo OK 75(100)
Jim Gentry Int
BMO $83K^ Bryan
6/30/14 Windom-Windom TX 90(140)
To Malvern AR
JC $180K Fannin    
First-Stephenville TX 375(890) LV $1.5M Erath    TB
6/29/14 Exchange Avenue, OKC OK 204(256)
Stowe retires 6-29
BMO $382K Capital 
6/26/14 First-Jourdanton TX 101(115) LMG $173K Frio River   TB
6/26/14 Parkside-Denison TX 522(573K GBA $1.29M Grayson  SBT
6/24/14 First-Perry OK 256(150) WS $335K Cherokee Strip
6/24/14 Lake Tyler-Tyler TX 86(135) SBA $280K Smith   TB
6/23/14 Bacon Heights-Lubbock TX 533(549)
To LAB  Assoc 6-23
CC $1.65M Lubbock Area    TB
6/23/14 First-Apache OK 120(156) BMO $401K Caddo
6/19/14 First-ElDorado TX 88(95) ABP $246K Concho Valley  TB
6/19/14 First-Ringgold LA 81(118) SBT $232K Bienville
6/19/14 Southside-Birmingham AL 78(117) ABP $406K Birmingham
6/16/14 Handley - Ft. Worth TX 70 (85) JD $255K Tarrant   TB
6/14/14 Arrow Heights-Broken Arrow OK 445(489) BMO $1.44M Tulsa Metro
6/13/14 Second-Cedartown GA 175(302) BMO $259K Polk-Haralson
6/10/14 First-Brownfield TX 156(268)
Retired: family ill
JTS $705K South Plains TB
6/4/14 First-Hendersonville NC 1112(1341)
To N. Augusta SC
JTS $3.18 Carolina
6/3/14 First- Spearman TX 79(113) WS $317K Top O' Texas    TB
6/2/14 Kirby -Kirby TX (San Antonio) 95(92) CC $216K San Antonio   TB
6/1/14 First-Huntsville AL 918(1019)
Hull retired June 1
ABP $4.04M Madison
5/31/14 Maguire-Noble OK 100(130) BMO $161K Union
5/29/14 First-Pauls Valley OK 154(150) ABA $391K arbuckle
5/27/14 First-Dewar OK 240(460)
Vance retired
BMO $454K N. Canadian
5/19/14 First-Roby TX 116(115)
Vincent to Abilene
JTS $197K Double Mountain
5/18/14 Mulberry-Houma LA 73(142) RL $382K Bayou
5/15/14 San Jacinto-Deer Park TX 150(400)
BL $467K Union    TB
5/15/14 Foothills-Phoenix AZ 480(376) www,
Goodman retired
JTS $1.2M Central
5/15/14 Mount Elam-Roseboro NC 125(200) BR $309K New South River
5/15/14 Thompsontown-PA 110(160) BL $231K Keystone
5/15/14 North Knoxville-Knoxville TN 101(175) BRT $269K Knox County
5/15/14 First-Okemah OK 110(150) BMO $135K N. Canadian
5/14/14 First-Castroville TX 190(250)
Heilegman to Bryan
JTS $397K San Antonio  TB
5/14/14 Bannockburn-Austin TX 990(1564)    WS No Report Austin   SBT
5/14/14 Immanuel-Butler MO 131(105) JO $160K Osage River
5/12/14 Concod- St. Louis MO 462(558) BL $1.4M St. Louis Metro
5/11/14 First-Breckenridge TX 220(208) BH $648K Tri-County   TB
5/10/14 First-Washington OK 150(270) BMO $256K Union      
5/3/14 First- Weston FL 846(1052) JR $1.9M Gulf Stream
5/2/14 First-Grandview MO 175(201) SN $330K Blue River
4/30/14 First-Troup TX 149(75)
Larry Craig Int
SBA $272K Smith   TB
4/28/14 Manchaca-Texas 253(391)
CC $596K Austin
4/24/14 Highlands-La Marque TX 100(150) GBA $187K Galveston   TB
4/24/14 Balboa-Hot Springs Village AR 303(346) CC $850K Central
4/23/14 Concord-St. Louis MO 462(558 www.concordlife.corm BW $1.4M St. Louis Metro
4/20/14 First-Queen City TX 250(475)
To Van Alstyne TX
JTS $587K Enon   SBT
4/17/14 First-Jonesboro AR 624(550)
Rodney Reeves Int
ABP $1.99M Mount Zion
4/16/14 Skyline-Killeen TX 250(220) SBT $434K SB Central TX
4/15/14 First-Ringgold GA 205(325) JR $529K Catoosa
4/15/14 First-Pearland TX 500(850) JR 1.6M Gulf Coast   SBT
4/12/14 Eastside-Shelby NC 199(230) BR $401K Greater Cleveland
4/12/14 Mountain View-Six Mile SC 180
Website Down
BC $194K Pickens-Twelve Mile
4/12/14 George's Creek-Easley SC 140(176) BC $410K Piedmont
4/12/14 Boiling Springs NC 200(350) BR $518K Greater Cleveland
4/11/14 Byne-Albany GA 337(317)
To Oklahoma City
BMO $2.6M Mallory
4/10/14 Colonial Beach-VA 110(125)
Retires 6-1
ABP $213K Fredericksburg
4/10/14 First-Mount Airy NC 147(207)~ ABP $527K Surry
4/10/14 Lake Shore-Waco TX 115(160) ABP $424K Waco   TB
4/8/14 Parkland-Clovis NM 252(323) BNM $568K Eastern
4/8/14 First-Las Cruces NM 593(745) BNM $1.3M Rio Grande
3/25/14 First-Enid OK 397(442) BMO $1.1lM Cherokee Strip
3/20/14 First-Grandview TX 264(229)
Dan Crawford Interim
ABP $370K Southwest Metro
3/20/14 First-Lenoir NC 186(290)
ABP $649K Caldwell
3/20/14 First-Hollis OK 113 BMO $412K Southwest Metro
3/15/14 Vienna Baptist-Virginia 70(150) FOP $610K North Star
3/13/14 Bayshore-Tampa FL 210(700) ABP No Report Tampa Bay
3/11/14 Northstar-Wilton Manors FL 223~
To Aiken NC
JR $482k~ Gulf Stream
3/11/14 Higher Ground-Kingsport  TN 750(1300)
Hoskins retired
JR $1.9M Sullivan
3/10/14 Clearview-Franklin TN 1330
To Conyers GA
JTS $3.66M Nashville
3/6/14 First-Forest City NC 154(224)
To Valdese NC
ABP $460K Green River
3/3/14 First-San Marcos TX 350(700)
BS $1.05M    TB

This list is no substitute for the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding a church in calling a pastor and spiritual leader.
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